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Biographies of Mark and Ken

Mark G. Graff

Mark Graff currently works in cyber security at a large scientific research laboratory in the U.S. A frequent speaker at industry workshops and conferences and a Congressional expert witness on Internet security, he has also lectured on network security topics at the Pentagon; spoken on risk assessment before the AAAS working group on Nuclear Proliferation; appeared before the Presidential Commission on Infrastructure Survivability; and addressed issues of "Free Speech and the Internet" at the invitation of the FCC.

Mr. Graff was Chief Scientist at Para-Protect Services for two years. Previously, he worked in network security architecture and security patch coordination at Sun Microsystems for eight years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Kenneth R. van Wyk

Kenneth R. van Wyk is an internationally recognized information security expert and author of the recent O'Reilly and Associates books, Incident Response and Secure Coding: Principles and Practices. Currently, he provides consulting and training services with KRvW Associates, LLC (, where he is the Principal Consultant. Previously, he was the Director of Technology for Tekmark Global Solutions Technology Risk Management (TGS-TRM) practice, where he was responsible for overseeing technical quality assurance, architectures, and operational processes and procedures.

Prior to joining TGS-TRM, Mr. Van Wyk served as the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of security firm Para-Protect Services, Inc. He also worked as a Technical Director for Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and Operations Chief for the Defense Information Systems Agency. Mr. Van Wyk also served a two-year elected position as a member of the Steering Committee, and a one-year elected position as the Chairman of the Steering Committee, for the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) organization. At Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Van Wyk was one of the founders of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). He holds an engineering degree from Lehigh University and is a frequent speaker at technical conferences, and has presented papers and speeches for CSI, ISF, SANS, USENIX, FIRST, and many others.

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