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29 February 2004 - Mark and Ken respond to a US presidential aide's comments on secure coding practices in thie op/ed.

13 February 2004 - Mark and Ken comment on a disturbing new bluetooth vulnerability affecting mobile phones manufactured by Nokia and SonyEricsson.

31 October 2003 - Mark and Ken respond in this op/ed to a recent statement made in the press by Microsoft's Bill Gates.

12 August 2003 - Mark and Ken revisit the OIS issue as the vulnerability handling process proposal is finalized.

10 June 2003 - Mark and Ken's open response to the OIS vulnerability handling process proposal.

23 May 2003 - Open letter to the Editor, CIO Magazine.

7 May 2003 - In this opinion piece, Ken comments on a recent article that claimed that software patching and anti-virus would eliminate the majority of security problems.

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